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Illinois Code of Civil Procedure

Section 2-1105. Jury demand.
Amended to provide that all jury cases shall be tried by a jury of 6, instead of 12. Also provides that if alternate jurors are requested, an additional fee established by the county shall be charged for each alternate juror requested. Provides that for all cases filed prior to the effective date, if a party has paid for a jury of 12, that party may demand a jury of 12 upon proof of payment.

Section 9-102. When action may be maintained.
Amended to add certain common interest community associates owned by limited liability companies to the list of associations subject to specified provisions of the Code.

Section 13-214. Construction - Design management and supervision.
Amended to provide exemptions from the application of the statutes of limitation and repose governing civil actions arising out of acts or omissions in the design, planning, supervision, observation, management, and construction of or improvement to real property those actions that are based on personal injury, bodily harm, or death resulting from the discharge into the environment of any pollutant, including any waste, hazardous substance, irritant, or contaminant.

Illinois Code of Criminal Procedure

Section 124-B10. Applicability; offenses.
Amended to add violation of Section 11-23.5 of the Criminal Code of 2012 to conditions leading to forfeiture of property. That section pertains to non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images.

Section 124-B500. Persons and property subject to forfeiture.
Amended to add violation of Section 11-23.5 of the Criminal Code of 2012 to conditions leading to forfeiture of property. That section pertains to non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images.

Illinois Supreme Court

Rule 702. Board of Admissions to the Bar.
Amended to provide that the Supreme Court appoint a dean of a law school as a non-voting ex officio to the Board to serve a term of three years.

Rule 756. Registration and Fees.
Amended to require attorneys to register online each year with the ARDC, within the registration process attorneys will be required to provide specific practice-related information. It is also made explicit that lawyers will be considered not registered for the year if they do not pay all required fees and provide all information under the rule.

Article VIII, Rule 1.15. Safekeeping Property.
Amended to provide that a lawyer who learns of unidentified funds in an IOLTA account must make periodic efforts to identify and return the funds to the rightful owner. If after 12 months of the discovery of the unidentified funds the lawyer determines that ascertaining the ownership or securing the return of the funds will not succeed, the lawyer must remit the funds to the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois.

Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission

Rule 501. Eligible Claims.
Amended to add reference to lawyers who have died or were transferred to disability inactive status in the consideration of a claim of a claimant who experienced a loss of money or property arising out of or during the course of a lawyer-client relationship or a fiduciary relationship between a lawyer and the claimant, related to the practice of law in Illinois.

Rule 504. Form of Claim.
Amended to make reference to a form provided by the Commission, rather than a form approved by the Commission.

Rule 505. Content of Claim Form.
Amended to make minor technical changes.

Rule 506. Claims Procedure.
Amended to add reference to lawyers who have transferred to disability inactive status with regard to the disposition of the claims procedure.

Rule 507. Determination.
Amended to make a minor technical change.

Rule 510. Payment of Claims.
Amended to make a minor technical change.

Rule 512. Compensation for Representing Claimants.
Amended to make a minor technical change.

16th Judicial Circuit

Rule 1.34. Procedure for Selection of the Office of Associate Judge.
Amends procedures for the selection of an associate judge, including: decreasing the number of judges to serve on the Interview Committee to five, from seven; allowing old video interviews of qualified candidates who have previously interviewed within the past 24 months; recommending two additional candidates' names for consideration, for each additional existing vacancy; and increasing the time frame for submission of the completed candidates' list and summary to 28 days, from 21 days.

Article 15. Family.
Amended to make numerous changes to the court's Family Division rules, ranging from minor technical changes to significant re-writes, the latter particularly in sections 15.00 (Assignment of Cases), 15.04 (Pleadings, Motions and Courtesy Copies), 15.10 (Default), 15.12 (Prove-Up Hearings), 15.21 (Petitions for Custody Determination), and 15.22 (Child Custody Evaluation).

18th Judicial Circuit

Rule 1.03 Court Reporting Services.
Amended to change reference to Supreme Court Rule 46, instead of 45, and to The Administrative Regulations of 7/1/2014, instead of 10/20/03. Also changes "Reporter Supervisor" to "Administrator of Court Reporting Services" throughout. Also adds "for when the accuracy of transcript is questioned" to the conditions for playback of any portion of the recording of a proceeding, hearing, or trial of a specific case.

Rule 6.01 Automatic Status Dates.
Amended to reduce the number of days from the filing date that all Domestic Relations (D) cases, Paternity/Child Support (F) cases, and Miscellaneous Remedies (MR) cases are given an automatic case management date, to sixty (60) days, from one hundred twenty (120) days.

19th Judicial Circuit

Rule 1.02. Chief Judge.
Amended to change the date of the election of a chief judge to occur on or before the 30th day of June, instead of the 31st day of December, in the year preceding the year that the chief is to begin his/her term.

Rule 10.06. Motion Practice.
Amended to add significant details and enhancements to motion practice, including: notice of hearing of motions; content of notice; manner and proof of service; courtesy copies; and motion to continue.

Rule 11.13. Family Mediation Program.
Amended to add a new paragraph 3 to section E, providing for participation in the Family Law Student Mediation Program by a law school student who has been certified under Supreme Court Rule 711 to render legal services and who meets the program requirements at the law school certifying the student. Also renumbers old paragraphs 3 through 6 as 4 through 8.

Rule 18.08. Privacy Issues.
Amended to entitle mediators and other mediation program participants to such immunity "as may be provided by law," instead of "in the same manner and to the same extent as a judge."

Includes revised fee schedules for the Circuit Court of Cook County, the court's County Division, and the Cook County Recorder of Deeds.
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