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Here are the latest updates as of March 2015

Illinois Code of Criminal Procedure

Section 110-15. Applicability of provisions for giving and taking bail.
Amended to provide clarification of the non-requirement of a person to post bond to secure bail for release, when that person has been cited for violating the Illinois Vehicle Code or for violating similar provisions of a local ordinance for which a violation is a petty offense as defined by Section 5-1-17 of the Unified Code of Corrections, excluding business offenses as defined by Section 5-1-2 of the Unified Code of Corrections or a violation of Section 15-111 or subsection (d) of Section 3-401 of the Illinois Vehicle Code.

Illinois Supreme Court

Rule 39. Appointment of Associate Judges.
Amended to clarify language and state, "The terms of all associate judges in office shall expire on June 30th of every fourth year subsequent to 1975, regardless of the date on which any judge is appointed."

Rule 41. Judicial Conference.

Amended to add that members or advisers of the judicial districts may serve a term of three years, subject to the discretion of the Supreme Court, and no member or adviser may be appointed for more than two full consecutive terms subject to the discretion of the Supreme Court.

Rule 303. Appeals from Final Judgments of the Circuit Courts in Civil Cases.
Amended to add that the notice of appeal may be filed by any party or by any attorney representing the party appealing, regardless of whether that attorney has filed an appearance in the circuit court case being appealed.

Rule 308. Certified Questions.
Amended to change that the adverse party has 21 days, instead of 14 days, after the due date of the application, to file an answer in opposition, with copies in the number required for the application, together with an original of a supplementary supporting record containing any additional parts of the record the adverse party desires to have considered by the Appellate Court.

Rule 315. Leave to Appeal from the Appellate Court to the Supreme Court.
Amended to change the time to answer to 21 days, from 14 days.

Rule 361. Motions in Reviewing Court.
Amended to add that responses to a motion shall be in writing and be filed, with proof of service, within five days after personal, e-mail or facsimile service of the motion.

Rule 367. Rehearing in Reviewing Court.
Amended to add that, unless authorized by the court or a judge thereof, the answer shall be limited to 27 pages, the reply shall be limited to ten pages, and each must be supported by a certificate of compliance in accordance with Rule 341(c).

Rule 501. Definitions.
Amended paragraph (g) to add "Illinois" residents and Section 6-308(a) of the Illinois Vehicle Code to the definition of "Promise to Comply" for petty offenses.

Rule 503. Multiple Charges under These Rules.
Amended to include reference to Section 6-308 of the Illinois Vehicle Code with regard to eligibility of release of the accused. Also provides that the maximum bail cannot exceed $500, instead of $300.

Rule 526. Bail Schedule-Traffic Offenses.
Amended paragraph (b) to add "Promise to Comply" and allow for execution of a written promise on specified sub-paragraphs (1) and (8) of Rule 526(c) in lieu of bail. Also amends the charge, to $1,500, for misdemeanor driving with suspended or revoked license under the following circumstances: (a) all cases other than those where the license is suspended for failure to appear; and (b) license suspended for failure to appear.

Rule 556. Procedure if Defendant Fails to Appear.
Amended to provide the Secretary of State shall, in the case of an Illinois licensed driver who has deposited his driver's license, immediately suspend the defendant's driving privileges in accordance with Sections 6-306.3 or 6-308 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, as amended (625 ILCS 5/6-306.3 or 6-308).

Rule 604. Appeals from Certain Judgments and Orders.
Amended to provide that when a motion to vacate of guilty plea is based on facts that do not appear of record, it shall be supported by affidavit unless the defendant is filing the motion pro se from a correctional institution, in which case the defendant may submit, in lieu of an affidavit, a certification as provided in Section 1-109

Rule 606. Perfection of Appeal.
Amended to provide that when the appellant is filing the motion pro se from a correctional institution, the appellant may submit, in lieu of the affidavit supporting the motion to appeal, a certification as provided in Section 1-109 of the Code of Civil Procedure (735 ILCS 5/1-109). Also, amended paragraph (g) removing the filing fee amount.

Rule 608. The Record on Appeal.
Amended to provide that when the appellant is filing the motion pro se from a correctional institution, the movant may submit, in lieu of the affidavit supporting the time extension, a certification as provided in Section 1-109 of the Code of Civil Procedure (735 ILCS 5/1-109).

Rule 610. Motions.
Amended to add when a motion is filed pro se from a correctional institution, the movant may submit, in lieu of the affidavit referred to herein, a certification as provided in Section 1-109 of the Code of Civil Procedure (735 ILCS 5/1-109).

Rule 756. Registration and Fees.
Amended paragraph (e) to refer to sub-paragraph (a)(3) instead of sub-paragraph (a)(4).

Rule 759. Restoration to Active Status.
Amended to add that "verification from the Administrator that the attorney has reimbursed the Client Protection Program for all payments arising from petitioner's conduct pursuant to Rule 780(e)."

Rule 763. Reciprocal Disciplinary Action.
Amended to change "this state" to "Illinois" and "foreign state" to "other jurisdiction" throughout. Also, defines "other jurisdiction" as: the District of Columbia; a country other than the United States; or a state, province, territory, or commonwealth of the United States or another country.

Rule 768. Notification of Disciplinary Action.
Amended to add, "The Administrator shall forthwith provide a copy of the order to each other jurisdiction in which the attorney is known to be licensed to practice law and to the National Regulatory Data Bank administered by the American Bar Association."

Rule 780. Client Protection Program.
Amended to provide that under the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission a Client Protection Program will reimburse claimants from the Client Protection Program for losses: (1) caused by dishonest conduct committed by lawyers admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois; or (2) involving unearned, unrefunded fees paid to lawyers admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois who later died or were transferred to disability inactive status.

Illinois Rules of Evidence

Rule 608. Evidence of Character of Witness for Truthfulness or Untruthfulness.
Amended to change the rule's title, reflecting truthfulness or untruthfulness in the evidence of a witness's character.

Rule 613. Prior Statements of Witnesses.
Amended to add paragraph (c), providing conditions for admissibility of a witness's prior statement when consistent with the witness's testimony.

Rule 1101. Applicability of Rules.
Amended to remove granting or revoking probation as part of the miscellaneous proceedings under which the rules of evidence do not apply.

Illinois Appellate Court, 2nd District

Rule 110. Availability and Copying of Materials.
Amended to provide that parties may request filed materials from the record of any appeal to which they are a party, and the materials will be made available as soon as practicable pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 372. Also, non-parties may view filed materials by making a written request to the clerk at least seven days before the date upon which the non-party desires to view the materials. Before making such materials available to non-parties, the court may conduct its own review and redact any sensitive information.

Circuit Court of Cook County

Rule 13.7. Transcripts.
Amended to provide each party represented by counsel or filing a pro se appearance the option of waiving the requirement that a transcript be prepared.

12th Judicial Circuit

Rule 1.11. Posting of Court Docket Calls.
Amended to designate that posting of call sheets on electronic monitors be an option for the clerk of the court.

Rule 17.06. Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation.
Amended to add that individuals participating in mortgage foreclosure mediation and having limited language proficiency may request interpretation/translation assistance at the pre-mediation conference. Provides that individuals participating in mortgage foreclosure mediation must be provided information regarding available HUD-certified counseling services. Provides that judges, mediators, key court personnel and volunteers involved with the Mandatory Residential Foreclosure Mediation Program shall periodically participate in continuing education programs involving foreclosure and the mediation program.

22nd Judicial Circuit

Rule 18.03. Mediation Mandatory in Certain Cases.
Amended to distinguish between mandatory mediation and discretionary mediation. Also, the provision that, following attendance at three mediation sessions, allowed either party to terminate mediation even if mediation is not successful.

Rule 18.04. Appointment and Qualification of Mediator.
Amended to add an eligibility requirement that a mediator applicant shall be licensed in his/her profession and to require that a mediator applicant must maintain an office in McHenry County unless otherwise allowed by the Presiding Judge of the Family Court or his or her designee.

Rule 18.08. Termination of Mediation Generally.
Amended to change the procedure of terminating the mediation to a request of the mediator by a party, rather than by the parties themselves.

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