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Each month we deliver some highlights from our exhaustive database of verdicts, settlements, trends and other statistics. Illinois Litigation Highlights is meant to give you a quick glimpse of the major verdicts and settlements with some analysis across categories to put the featured case outcomes into perspective. 

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Past Editions:
[Month and topics featured]

January 2011 -Leg Amputations and Glaucoma

December 2010 - School-Related Athletic Injuries and Medical Malpractice - Meningitis

November 2010 - Arm Injuries - Outside Vehicle Window and Porch Railing Collapses

October 2010 - Police/Civilian Collisions and Wrong Level Spinal Surgery

August/September 2010 - Animal Injuries - Obstruction/Collision and Trampoline Accidents

July 2010 - Product Liability - Seatbelts and Allergenic Mold

June 2010 - Female Pedestrian Deaths and Traffic Signals Out or Signs Down

May 2010 - Work Injury Burns and Carpal Tunnel Surgery

April 2010 - Facial Plastic Surgery and Premises Liability - Dance Floor Falls

March 2010 - Head-On Collisions and Premises Liability - Stairs

February 2010 - Birth Injury - Cerebral Palsy and Knee Injuries

January 2010 - Downstate Wrongful Death Verdicts and McLean County Awards

December 2009 - Lead Poisoning and Unnecessary Hysterectomy

November 2009 - Nursing Home Falls and Tree Limb Incidents

October 2009 - Wrongful Imprisonment and Pedestrian/Train Accidents

September 2009 - Paraplegia and Wrongful Death (Decedents Over Age 60)

August 2009 - Property Damage (Demolition/Construction) and Blastomycosis

July 2009 - Dead Man's Act and Heparin-Induced Injuries

June 2009 - P.I. Paralysis Verdicts and Compartment Syndrome

May 2009 - Breast Reduction Surgery and Shopping Car Accidents

April 2009 - Swimming Verdicts & Settlements and Dogbites

March 2009 - Winnebago County Medical Malpractice Verdicts and U-Turning Motorists

February 2009 - Elderly Plaintiffs and Street Hazards (Falling Debris)

January 2009 - Product Liability (Asbestos) and Attorney Malpractice

November/December 2008 - Medical Malpractice (Physical Therapist) and Work Injury

October 2008 - Restaurant Falls and Pedestrian (Distracted Defendant)

September 2008 - Chiropractic Malpractice and Motorcycle Accident

August 2008 – Leg Amputation (Female) and Leg Amputation (Male)

July 2008 - Auto Accidents – Road Rage and Watercraft Accidents

June 2008 - Auto Accidents – Intoxication and Civil Rights – Racial Discrimination

May 2008 - Product Liability - Ladders and Med Mal - Surgical Errors

April 2008 - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and False Medical Diagnosis

March 2008 - Garbage Truck Accidents and Bowling Injuries

February 2008 - Door Accidents and Tire Defects

January 2008 - Bicycle Accidents and Automotive Fires

November/December 2007 - Psychiatric Malpractice and Property Damage Litigation

October 2007 - Police Pursuit Awards and Watercraft Litigation

September 2007 - Lake County Med Mal and Employment Discrimination

August 2007 - Medication Injuries and Police Excessive Force

July 2007 - Burns and Premises Liability

June 2007 - Cauda Equina Syndrome and Aortic Aneurysms

May 2007 - Motorcycles and Street Hazards

April 2007 - Defamation and Product Liability

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